Monday, April 3, 2017

What to do for Senior High School?

This post is not going to be about me lamenting why and how come the Department of Education implemented Senior High School (SHS) the way it's being done now.

As a suggestion SHS sounds cool and something that I would like and go for. Why?
1. Because I see value in that additional 2 years. A bit more space to grow and mature.
2. Because I appreciate that it allows young people to declare that they want to pursue something specific. The fact is, we can’t do it all, so why drain time and energy away from what matters. It's but right that we go for what we are interested in, what we believe in, what we think makes the world a better place and put energy into it.

On my eldest daughter’s last year of homeschooling when friends ask if she is in college already I would happily answer that K12 was in effect in our homeschooling. I felt then, like we were slowly crossing a threshold. This time however with the implementation of K12, I feel that we are standing on a precipice.

My second daughter should be grade 11 this coming June or August (some schools start in June, others in August). She wants to pursue classical music for higher education. The way I understand it, when you say music as a subject, it branches out and have smaller branches too. Like science would have Biology that would have its sub-branches too. So in her case she has fallen in love with a sub-branch already and would like to learn more and hopefully grow a leaf in that side of the music tree.

So here I am researching and making some calls to schools that offer grade 11 and 12. So far I have inquired in 1 traditional school, a Waldorf school and have looked into 2 US homeschool providers.

After reading here and there I am now asking myself, what is my heart telling me and what am I looking for in a SHS? I stiffen at the rumour that you can’t be an independent homeschooler for SHS. I could not find a specific law that says this but if the university requires a SHS diploma from all its applicants then without one my child won’t be eligible to apply to a University here in the country.

We have been talking about this a lot. Three nights ago she said that we were simply going around in circles. And that’s true. For now, I think its good because going around in circles will force us to stop at one point and take a stand until the room stops spinning and we can take a sure step forward.

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