Tuesday, April 11, 2017

To Senior High school or not to Senior High school Part 3

What am I looking for in a Senior High School (SHS)?

With a bit of consideration on where we are and the landscape in which we are in now, this would be my dream SHS. Libre naman mangarap at pwede namang mangarap, so here it goes. If I were to send my second daughter to SHS I want the following:

1. A SHS with a 2 year program that my daughter wants with an outline of how they will be filling up their time including extra curricular or complementary courses. This will either be in Davao City or in a boarding school with in the country that fits our budget.
2. A SHS who have graduates who are leaders in their field and are eager to help out in the programs of the SHS where they came from. Since my daughter is only the second batch of SHS I obviously can’t find a school under the Department of Education that would have a grade 11 and 12 alumni or a track record that can say ___% of our graduates are still working in the track they chose.
3. International exchange activities. At least one foreign travel related to their track or extra curricular activities with in the two years of SHS.
4. Foreign Language Course. Since SHS is suppose to make Philippine education at par with the rest of the world then this should be available. My 2nd daughter took up German Classes here in Davao and took the A level test at the Goethe Institute last year. I do want her to pick up on this within the year.
5. A flexible PE Program that considers people with special needs like scoliosis. She has to keep going to therapy at least 2x a week.
6. I want her to be with people approximately her age whom she can laugh with and collaborate with, aka friends.

My daughters will be coming home for this week and we shall sit down and decide on this matter. I am still searching and my husband and I are talking about this a lot. Of my 6 desires for SHS, #1 and #6 weigh in the most and we can’t fore go of #5 for the sake of having the required papers to be able to go to university...

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