Friday, April 7, 2017

To Senior High school or not to Senior High school Part 2

If I am enrolling my daughter to SHS this this means we have about 10 weeks to go! Having just typed that I feel a quiver of panic! And having acknowledged my panic I am a bit calm now. Lets carry on…

When I was looking for a preschool for my eldest child I had a school visit and a teacher’s appointment way ahead of where I am now!!! How has it come to this? Here I am with a teenager who knows what she wants with an additional 2 years of high school where the government requires she choose a track. Knowing that I have the final say in this I have narrowed things down to two questions for me:

1. What is my heart telling me?
2. What do I want from a SHS?

Lets Start with the first question: What is in my heart telling me?

I love my daughter and I respect where she is now and I look forward to the possibilities that might come her way. On my death bed I hope with all my heart that she is well with her siblings and I can hold her hand and say I am happy I am your mother. Okay so I am crying now, I better go back to the topic at hand which is what to do for senior high school.

If she is going to do SHS I believe it is best if she stays with us or she stays in a boarding school. Why? Because right now she is living on her own and taking care of things like her grocery, meal choices and preparation, transportation etc. I would like these things to be out of the way if she were to do SHS which in my understanding will be a 7:30 am to 4pm kind of schedule plus the possibility of over time.

What about a foriegn home school provider? I have checked out this option too and this deserves a post of its own. First thing’s first, we have to make up our minds if she is going to SHS or if she will carry on the way way we are - independent homeschoolers aka OSY (Out of School Youth).

So, what exactly is she doing now?
 She is living her life like you and me. If I have to make a report card about how she is filling up her time it would look like this:

I.  Academics
Math (Geometry)
Literature/ History (her choice of reading materials)

II.  Extra Curricular Activities
P.E - Physical Therapy for her scoliosis at The Peak
Music: Violin Lessons in UP Extension Program
Orchestra - UP Diliman
Music Theory - UP Extension Program
Art - Painting
Watching shows with her older sister (theater, orcherstra, opera etc) that we don't have here in Davao

III.  And a bunch of life skills that living on your own compels you to acquire.

I am not sure where to put the PEPT (you can read more here). Should it be in Academics or Extra Curricular, same goes for Music Theory? Argh!! Where I put PEPT or Music Theory is so irrelevant! I obviously have a bigger fish to fry and I have to figure out where to prepare it and how and where to serve it.

My next post will be my #2 question: What do I want from a SHS?

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