Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday Plunge

I trust that my kids know, understand and accept that mom and dad support them, but can't do the work for them. Despite being my 3rd daughter's biggest fan and cheerleader I can not will myself to set my alarm clock for her.

She has major swimming plans this year and wants to wake up early to go swimming. I am happy to listen to her plans and fan the flames. But sleep is so precious to me these days I can't will myself to get up ahead of her. So, we agreed that if she wakes me up in the morning, then I will take her to the pool. She has to set her alarm and wake me up. Yes, I want to savour those few seconds that will take her to walk from her room to mine.

That's what happened this morning. She did wake me up at 5:39 am and we went to the pool together. Tomorrow, if she gets up early again, I am planning to swim with her. I hope I find the will to take the plunge and exercise tomorrow. Maybe some of her determination will rub in on me.

Have a happy Wednesday :D

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