Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Laid Back Learning: Enjoying Science Videos

Last week, I am happy to have spent 2 afternoons being with my 2 children on our sofa. I got my hair combed and styled by my daughter while sitting down with my son. A day later, I got to braid my daughter's hair while watching another science video. Just the 3 of us in our quiet house. Well, my 15 year old was upstairs doing her math. She was not interested in the video.
Then after watching we had snacks and then head off to my daughter's swimming practice. It is this kind of energy, companionship and family life that I was after when we decided not to send the children to school. 
If I told my son and daughter that we will have a test after the video and they can not do this or that if they don't get a good score, then I think we would have all missed out on the chance to just be. I think giving a test so I could grade them would be threatening, counter productive and limiting. Instead of absorbing what matters to them and/ or what they are interested in, they might start watching the video in the light of what they think will come out on the test. 

Here are the videos we watched. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did.
Tomorrow afternoon, Thursday, I a planning to watch a science video again with my kiddos. If I let my son choose he will want dinosaur stuff which will not suit the girls. So I am choosing. Here are my picks:
I am not recommending these videos as I haven't seen both, but I am hoping to watch one of them with my 3 children. I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday. 

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