Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Standardised Test As The Need Arise (Part 1 of 2)

My husband and I decided to keep the children away from standardised test until:
1. They want it.
2. The need arise.

Our 2 older children now age 18 and 15 both wanted to do something that required some form of test or a paper to show they are in a certain grade level etc. Both were more than willing to sit down and study for it because they need it.

I want to keep our homeschooling relaxed and interest driven. We each set our own goals and have no use for grades. We only have grades in school, not in life. I don't think there is a need to quiz a young person and gauge how much facts he or she can recall. I think its threatening and if I would have to do this again and again or year after year, then it seems careless and disrespectful. Children need experiences and memories.

Our experiences are the well spring of inspiration.  I have seen how simple experiences can make my children want to level up. Here is my little boy determined to write his name and birthday perfectly the day after visiting the bank and opening his own account. He said, next time he signs "important papers," he wants to get it right and it "should be perfect" because they are "so serious." Beside him is his older sister doing Math.
 After breakfast scene. This looks like detention punishment from some 80's movie. But no one told him to do that.

I did not have to teach him or drill him for better hand writing. He saw the need for it! Some experiences create waves while others I suppose are forgotten or hopefully will be remembered later as the need arise. 
It did not seem wise to take this two with me to the COMELEC office when I had my biometrics, but I felt that it would be a perfect opportunity for them to see how and where stuff like this happen. Based on my limited experience, this is actually the perfect age to take them around, 11 and 7. Too young to refuse when I make it sound potentially exciting and they really have not much to do if they don't come with me. We talked about why I had to do this and I told them there will be a lot of people. We also got to talk about the elections. The only highlight of this trip is that I am amazed at how fast it turned out to be. And my son's head got hit by the door as we were going out so he had a Harry Potter scratch for a few days. Other than that we have not talked about this again.

There is so much to do at home and so many errands where I can take the children with me rather than prepare them for a test. This brings me to my next reason why we not subjecting our children to standardised test unless they want it: time.


  1. Do you keep portfolios? Do you grade them and make your own template for record keeping? ? If ever needed ng proof soon. Which is better for independent homeschooler? Im really curious thanks. anyway i really like your blog Ms. Alex :)

  2. Hi Korai, no I do not keep a portfolio. I do not make/ compute/ assign grades for my children's work. So I do not have a template for record keeping. My Children are out of school youths. They do not go to school. You got me thinking about "proof," I think that question deserves a blog post. I am happy you like my blog. Thank you.

  3. Hi! Wow! Ade you still independently homeschooling your 18 and 15 years old children? If yes, how are you doing it? Please let me know, i want someone who can guide me. We've been homeschooling since my son was grade 2. But last school year we decided to go independent for various reasons.. I dont think we're doing enough.. Can i have your email so i can talk to you privately.. Thanks so much in advance. I hope you'll reply..

    1. Hi Leighton, my 18 year old now goes to university. Its my 15, 11 and 7 year old kids who are at home. My email address is


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