Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Making of The Bremen Town Mucisians Puppet Show

The noise! The mess too! And the joy of listening to these two! The seriousness of it all! L and Nh are coming up with a puppet show and their production is all over the floor. L read "The Bremen Town Musicians" to Nh and now they are busy working on this project: a puppet show adaptation!
Academics, particularly L's Science work, is taking a back seat for this most important project. L is not digging her science as much as I hoped for. I shall give it a rest for now. Maybe in a few weeks, or months, or next year, she'll like to do it. It's almost a week now since they started this. I am surprised that they came up with it and excited to watch the outcome. I overheard that some flying action scene will happen.
To show L and Nh how excited I am, I bought a bag of chips. L quickly pointed out that it should be opened after the show because Nh and her might not be able to have some if we (the audience) ate it while the show is going. What a simple bag of Doritos can do. The motivation it inspires. We really need a deadline for this project. I'll also be taking this opportunity to squeeze in our homeschooling by telling them to print tickets with the necessary details about their show. When all this is over, we can have our floor space back!

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