Thursday, January 15, 2015

Here We Are 2015!

Last year was such a fast forward year!!! A LOT happened! Work, family and everything else that I added on --as if I don't have enough on my hands. This blog took a back seat despite me having so much to write about!
Here we are 2015! We started the year with a lot of cheer and congratulations after I posted this photo in Instagram and Facebook.

What a reaction!!! Unforgettable! #ACET results #haohs
Thank you to all my friends for the "applause." Our family is rejoicing with all the cheers you have extended to us. For the last 2 years Amber took care of her academics all by herself. We gave her our support and we told her to have a backup plan, and go for what she wanted to do, made sure she was safe when she went about submitting this and that, here and there; also making sure that birth certificates and other ID stuff were ready for her and rhythms of our family life is not chaotic. But I was not part of her academic review.  
Our little family is super excited for her. This is, I guess, officially the end of homeschooling for her.
Gosh how time flies!

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