Monday, March 18, 2013


When does creativity happen?
How do you encourage creativity in your children or yourself? 
Do we cultivate creativity or do we become creative out of necessity?

I did not imagine that L's all out effort to get and wash the roots of an unwanted weed turned tree that grew near our gate, you can read more here, will be used as a decorative wrap for her cat's birthday gift! L and As came up with this:
 All for the love of Ginger (the cat) who turned 1 a few Sundays ago! Yes, we celebrated the cat's birthday complete with yummy cupcakes from Pink Apron. 
And of course L invited Ginger's "friends", a total of 5 cats and 1 human.
Oh what will life be without out friends who make our quirks totally normal!
The cats were scared stiff and it was almost the end of the party by the time they ate their food. Lucky our human guest (who brought all the cats) was more at home!
So going back to my topic, in this situation I think the gift was creatively wrapped. I am impressed! And I think creativity happened because:
1. There is a need or a lot of excitement. Both L and As wanted something special for Ginger and the were excited to show it to their Tita Katkat, our one and only human guest for the party.
2. They had time to execute their plan.
3. They had the materials they needed (scratch paper, black pen, roots) or to make it more apt, they made use of the only materials they have.
I asked As what made you think of wrapping Ginger's gift the way you did?
As: From Hotel Transilvania when Mavis opened her gift from her mom. 
Okay I don't remember the gift so I think I will watch the movie again sometime within the week. For now, I wish you an inspiring, creative, innovative week ahaed! May we get to make the most/ make the best of what we have...

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