Monday, January 14, 2013

Once a Week Concoction

In the name of willingness to experiment, going for healthy and trying new flavors we have a once a week fresh juice blend with whatever fruits and/or vegetable we have in the house. For this morning, we have:
2 and a half cucumbers
7 pcs grapes
2 guavas (from our backyard)
2 slices of papaya (from breakfast)

Everybody helps out.
 Check out my daughter's reaction

What started out as green juice turned to some kind of free flowing yellow juice.
I wish they could drink it as fast without a straw but Nh and L can't finish the juice in a small glass without one.
The verdict for this mix:
"It did not taste as sweet as expected but its refreshing and light."
"The color is scary."
"Its okay but if this were a restaurant I will not order it again!"

Oh well, lets see how the next blend goes. 
Have a great week ahead!!!

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