Thursday, January 3, 2013

Let the Academic Work Begin!

Oh yes!!! Its that time of year again (and June too!) 
We are looking into a curriculum again, 
Setting long term and short term goals
Getting the stuff we did not get right last time
Making copies of worksheets
and the list goes on!!!

 A doing her Chemistry work.
Making a list and checking it twice  
Chemistry materials and the like..

As, L and Nh started with a math/ coloring book!
By the time I got to the room they were almost done!
Pasting, and 
Of course, looking for, what L calls "cheesy math stuff" like:
She may not sing along but I know she gets her math work more after watching videos like this!

One step at a time 
and we will all get to where we want to go...


  1. Hi! I super love your blog! I really admire the fact that you are unschooling! I love the idea of not pressuring kids to meet societies standards and just allow them to learn when they are ready for it and pursue whatever interests them. If I may ask, how do you decide on what to teach them and what books to use? Would love to hear from you soon, thanks!

    1. Hi, thank you for your encouraging words. I take my children around with me and when they find books they like in the bookstore we buy it. When some interest come up we look for a book or go online. I also check out homeschooling sites like:
      I have a limit to what books I buy. Example, The Twilight Series is out, I did not but one and I talked to my daughter as to why I think its a waste of "brain space" but since the brain is capable of absorbing as much as the heart the better and more truthful reason is that its a waste of time. Thank you again for dropping by. I am on my way to your blog in a click :D

  2. Thanks for the links and for being such an inspiration to new homeschooling moms like me!

  3. Hi! I want to homeschool my twin girls. I am much interested in being independent homeschooler. Can you please help me answer some questions regarding the legality and DepEd procedures? here is my email, I'll be more than grateful for your response. =)


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