Friday, November 16, 2012

In Brace X Ray

I wish I could share a picture  of As in brace x ray but its in film!!! Now I wish we had it done in another facility since getting it in the place where we had As's x ray in June turned out to be complicated. Anyway that's for another post (if I have to write about it!?).
 First of all my husband and I did not want to get the brace for As. Back in January, I certainly did, but my husband explained to me why he is not for it and I did my own reading and I felt a brace might not be a good idea since not everybody with scoliosis ever wore a brace, its restrictive, costly, might weaken her etc., etc.
Back in July after her 3rd x ray,  I called Spinal Dynamics . My call was answered by a lady named Heather and since I had a ton of questions she passed the phone over to their physiotherapist named Cindy. At that time, Cindy said, she thinks As should be in a brace (given the progression from 20 degrees in January to 28 degrees in 6 months) and part of our conversation was having an in brace x ray and why it was necessary. Even after this conversation, As and I carried on with the Schroth Exercises we were trying to figure out since we did not get to find a physical therapist who was willing to read it, come to the house, get paid at the same rate whereever he/ she practices and try in on As (I only offered this to 5 physical therepist, but 3 turned out to be students who were merely fulfilling their requirements at the therapy center where As was having therapy back in January)My husband and I changed our minds about the brace after the 4th x ray that was taken in Manila in August. Also the spine surgeon that we are seeing here in Davao  (I have to say the only doctor with an action plan) wanted a brace. So, I wrote the Scoliosis SOS Clinic and here's the email reply I received on Sept 11, 2012:

 Here's the x rays I sent them:

So we did get As a brace, and you can read about it here, but not an in brace x ray. The spine specialist did not recommend it and the bracing center did not recommend it either. At that time when we fitted the brace, I actually felt relieved that they did not recommend it. I was/ still am a bit concerned about the radiation exposure even after reading this and I saw it as a bit of savings (about P400.00). Despite receiving this email from Scoliosis SOS Clinic back in Oct 23, 2012

A few nights ago,  As cried about her brace and naturally I could not sleep so I emailed   Scoliosis SOS Clinic again asking if its okay for As to stop wearing her brace since she will be there in a few weeks. This is part of the reply from the email I received:

 So my husband and  I talked to As and decided to get an in brace x ray without a doctors order.  From 36 degrees (4th x ray) in August, this time with her brace on, her Cobbs angle is down to 21 degrees!!! Since I have bugged Scoliosis SOS Clinic, I felt I should send word to them about this and this is the reply I got:

I am so happy!!! So proud of my dear girl! The nights she spent crying in bed, upset because of her brace. The responsibility she showed in managing her torso socks and making sure they dry up before she would run out of them. Sometimes I wish I bought her more torso socks but when we talked about it (As with mom and dad) we decided that she might not need it for long if she gets to do therapy (very optimistic bunch here!)
I hope that her therapy will free her form wearing  the brace and put surgery out of the question. I already miss her and she has not even left. This trip is the first time our family will be this far apart for this long. With all my ♥, and my fears, and my hope.

PS. I am so proud too that this brace is made in Davao!!! Just in case you are looking for a brace or artificial limbs you can visit OrthoFrey 2nd Floor FTC Tower or call them at 305 0588.

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  1. my heart goes out to you and your family lex. you are an amazing supermom.


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