Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

Come Halloween morning, who drops by the house for a surprise visit? Our one and only beloved Lolo who said pumpkin is "masyadong mahal" (too expensive). 
I say No because:
a. we get to eat it
b. we have a decoration that we last for a few days
c. we are building memories...
Of course I know it mahal (expensive) compared to kalabasa (squash), but here we are and its once a year.

Lolo carving his first pumpkin!

Off to trick or treat by 3 pm...

 Here's A slaving away in the kitchen! Preparing Halloween Dinner complete with table setting! We had Pumpkin Pasta, Ghost Pizza, some kind of dip made with avocado and Chips, Skeleton Marshmallows and Apple Teeth (Apples and Marshmallows)...
I ended the day, exhausted and happy and seriously thinking that A might benefit from some cooking classes or more kitchen time...
Happy Halloween!!!

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