Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 October 2012

As planned we went back to Puentespina (in Bolcan Street) to get pumpkins to carve and eat. Price did not get any lower, same as the previous post its P180 per kg.

Check out what L is doing to the water plant. This is one of the reason I make it a point to buy here with my little gang. Its so cool to walk around and come home with food supplies.

Then, who walks out from the back of the building, Olive! Davao's one and only cheese artisan.

 For me, Olive is one of those people where every meet up is an encounter. LOL! :D

Olive offers us her cheese. We were there to get some and the cheese tasting turned into all out eating for free!!!

Leaving with our pumpkins, free range eggs and cheese(s), and lemon too...

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