Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How quick!!!

I had a wonderful time during the September Mommy Meet Up with Althea. She explained to us how she got into Life Casting and showed us some of her recent works. We had new moms and babies and dads too. Althea unceremoniously picked out a winner from our cup full of baby names.

I was surprised to witness how quick and easy it was to get the mold. Mom simply had to wipe off the little gel that got stuck in baby's hand.
Here are some of the questions asked during the meet up:Is it safe?
Althea says: "yes, the mould is the only material that will come in contact with you and your baby. Our mould is sea weed based so its natural, nontoxic, and safe."

How old should my baby be?
"There's no age limit. anyone can have a cast"

How long will it take before we can get the finish product?
" 2-3 weeks from the day of moulding."

Why that long?
 "because the craft has to undergo several stages. These stages require curing whch takes time"

Is the frame/ base/ picture included in the price?"
"yes, the prices we give are inclusive of the base or frame and picture"

Can it be our picture or will you be the one taking the picture?
"Either, I will be bringin my camera just in case you want me to take your photo. Or it could be a photograph of your choice. it really depends on you."

How much?
"The price depends on the age of the baby and the type of package.Im giving away 20% discount as a special introductory price
> 6months

2 hands 2 feet - 5000 (now 4000)
2 hands - 3500 (now 2800)
2 feet - 3500 (now 2800)
1 hand 1 foot - 3500 (now 2800)"

Ideas started coming up such as putting baby's hand cast on to of the cake for her baptism/ dedication
On top of cake for first birthday
Couples casting their hand for the wedding cake
The whole family having all their hand and/or feet cast and make it part of a lamp or something LOL!!!

Seriously, somebody quipped "What about the face? Can we have a face cast?!" 
Bwahahahahaha :D

For more pictures of the Meet Up for September you can look here! Looking forward to November Mommy Meet. There will be no meet up at The POD this October because we are taking part in something super exciting!
Looking forward to a lot...
Also, The POD is now open everyday from 10 am to 6:30 pm except on Sundays.

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