Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hectic Week for Me

Being busy with the up coming Mommy Sense event with all the little details to prepare and put together is making me miss my little ones. I already told them that this week, I will be particularly busy. Two days ago, I found time (a total of 40 minutes more or less) to sit with my dear little boy Nh and my beloved L. I was with Nh as he was cutting paper and inspiration struck me! I have this idea for a soap dish! If my idea will materialize I have Nh to thank for!

L complained that she is bored! This makes me feel guilty and I see this as L telling me I need to spend time with her. Unlike As who has her academic goals to accomplish and her violin (she  was in Agdao Violin Institute this afternoon) and A who has her academic goals and ballet and her blog and her book to finish etc Nh and L are far more dependent on me.

I told L that she should help me make some gift wrapper.

 L preparing what we need...

Crayon vs Alex, the craft battle!!! 
I must break just a tiny piece of you white crayon to make my plan happen.   
L took the pics...

L at work!

Thanks for this little time I spent with L and Nh I have something to hold on to in this busy week. This evening I planned and look forward to spend the evening with my little ones. I vowed to stay with them until they all fall asleep. And while As, L and I were in bed doing some coloring page activity that L got from Toy Kingdom, Nh was busy by the table.

He suddenly came up to me and said "for you" handing me a paper ice lolly aka ice drop aka popsicle! He made it all by himself! Oh wow!!! Proud and touched I had to take a picture. As burst out laughing saying, "He used A's emery boards as his stick!"

TOINK!!! But in my heart says, "Oh how cute and smart you are!" He did not know it was an emery board aka nail file.

Then, he got the paper ice lolly aka ice drop aka popsicle from me and said "wait mommy it's not yet finish!"
 A showed him what the emery boards are for he looked and listened but of course we can not destroy his paper ice lolly aka ice drop aka popsicle on an emery board!

Hold on my little ones, specially L, after this weekend I will be much less hectic!
And I am so excited for the pictures that will come from Mommy Sense event! The moms assigned to take the pictures will be posting it on the facebook page!

Advance happy weekend to all!!!

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