Friday, October 19, 2012

Big Clean Up Coming Up

Just after Halloween and before Christmas clean up is about to commence! This is the biggest clean up I do every year for my home! I am such a slave to this that not a year goes by with out me doing this "over haul."
Everybody is expected to help:
  • Cleaning
  • Sorting
  • Boxing Up
  • Scrubbing
Until finally, decorating for Christmas can happen!

This means gearing up on new cleaning products. Messy Bessy has a dealer discount and I certainly would like to avail of this! If you want to buy with me, I will cover the shipment cost. So your Messy Bessy items will arrive Davao FREE of shipping cost!!! Just look at the price in their site and let me know that you want to purchase with me by:

  • leaving a comment here on the blog, leave your email too. I must be able to contact you.
  • sending me a message  on Facebook
  • E-mail me with the Subject: Messy Bessy
  • Text or call me at 0918 938 2591.
Here's what I am buying:

This is #1 on my list! Yes Lavender Laundry Powder and it does not clog up my washing machine and is gentle enough for everybody! We use this for all our laundry including the torso socks that As needs for her scoliosis brace. I think of all their products, this is the most reasonably priced and a must have for me.

I am getting 2 litters since i need a lot of this. I also use this for The POD and it comes out cheaper if I buy the big one.

This is something I appreciate although not a real must have. This makes me happy and it does get the job of "refreshing" a stinky bag quick. There's a ballet bag, badminton bag, bag for Nh, Dad's bag and my bag and I am sure some other bag I am forgetting now, that must be turned inside out and air out often! Oh think wet socks I am sure you can almost sniff what I mean.

Because I am anticipating all the Christmas dish washing we will be doing I am getting a big one! I am super happy that the last messy bessy dispenser I had lasted for 5 months. This time I am cosidering buying 2 dispensers just in case of a break down? And also because there are new dish cleaners.

I did not see this in the Messy Bessy site but it was in the reseller product list.

I like this one too! One in every bathroom and one in the kitchen is my illusion. The reality is I have a 750 g in the kitchen and another one for all the bathrooms.

I am not sure if should label this as expensive or not but here's my quick comparison.
Glass Cleaner with a similar bottle in the grocery is P85.00 for 250 ml
Wood Polish in an aerosol can is P263.00 for 330 ml
Whichever I am still getting Woody Wood Cleaner & Conditioner along with Squeeky Clean Glass Cleaner since I expect my young ones to help and the younger they are the less careful. I hope my price comparison will help you sort it out.

I told my little ones,  that someone told me, I can't remember who, that if I see 1 cockroach then there must be at least 5 more! Yikes!!! Who would not get paranoid? I don't buy the big one coz in my head I think that if I store this for a long time then the content inside the bottle will loose its potency! So I just buy as needed!

If you want to learn more about Messy Bessy you can read up here. There are more products on their site that I did not include in this post. Just let me know what you like.You are not limited to what I've written here.

Here's the plan: I will purchase the item you like along with my orders. Your shipping is FREE. You pay me thru the bank or drop your payment at The POD. You can look at more Messy Bessy Products here. Just remember I need to know what you want and you must settle your total amount due on or before Oct 28, I will have to finalize my order by this date, this way the items will be here by the end of the 1st week November! And I can start my big clean up.

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