Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Divide and Conquer

Because A and As have much academic work to cover I decided to bring L and Nh with me as I do my errands. On my way out around 9:30, I found As and A orking with their Math work. (Had to capture the moment again!)
What a delight to hear A explaining fractions to As.

L and Nh are going with me to do errands. This will give A and As time to peacefully finish their academic work and set the table before lunch. L and Nh were perfect little helpers to me! Of course this goes to say I did not have an errand in a place with breakables and I brought little snack and drink with me.We did a lot of talking too and some play time too.
We arrived home by 12 with the table set. Divide the group= more work done! Well, at least for today little ones together and big ones together worked!!!

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