Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Excitingly Rich and Real!

My golly look what I found in my "neighbor's" counter. I mean neighbor in Plaza del Carmen. Two shops away from The POD is Human Nature.  I was there to get our bath supplies and while paying I saw CHOCOLATES!!! I had to buy! There were many reasons to buy chocolate that day!
We did not have dessert for dinner last Friday night and As moved on to the next song in her Suzuki Violin Book etc! Plus how can you resist not trying out: Dark Chocolate with Siling Labuyo and Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Mangang Hilaw- EXCITING!!!
Oh why didn't I buy more!?
We divided the bar into 8 and each family member had a slice! A really tiny slice!!! The first we tried was Dark Chocolate with Siling Labuyo! Oh it surely lived up to my excitement! Except for NH who ate it it with out feeling any apprehension like the rest of us who was either nervous or had their food critic mode turned on. I was so giddy and all smiles watching the rest of my family try it.The Dark Chocolate with siling labuyo was deep tasting and spicy! Nh had to drink water which made all his sisters laugh. Despite it being spicy in no way did I recall curry or soy sauce with kalamansi and sili plus barbecue. It was spicy in an inoffensive chocolate sense. I knew it was chocolate and it tasted rich. The spicy flavor came after I tasted rich chocolate. I have to say a little goes a long way for this one!

The Dark Chocolate with Mangang Hilaw (Green Mango) and Sea Salt had more texture and yes you can taste the salt and the green mango with out the chocolate getting lost in all that! I seriously like this one! I am thinking of buying this again. I can seriously recall the taste! How salt was discovered by my taste buds in all that rich tasting chocolate! Oh you must try this!
Now, I must try the other flavors too!!! I am just so excited I hope they have this on stock this Saturday! It's a big step away from the usual milk chocolaty over sweet chocolates that are available in the grocery. As I said this two were Excitingly rich and real!
To celebrate Kadayawan in our home I must bring home new flavors of Theo & Philo Artisan Chocolates!

Note: This is not a paid advertisement. I was not approached by the seller in anyway.


  1. love love theo & philo!! yan ang pasalubong namin to relatives when we went to US/Canada last year (while E was still in my tummy! hehe) seems like eons ago!

    1. Oh yes pasalubong!!! Galing Jenny now you answered a big question for me :D Thank you thank you can't believe this did not occur to me :D And yes Parang bago pa yet ang tagal na yet ang bilis din since E's birth.

  2. yes, alex. sobrang sarap talaga niyang theo & philo :) and what's better abt it is it proudly filipino :)

    1. Correct!!! Thanks for stopping by Devi :D


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