Monday, July 9, 2012

Made Possible Because We are Homeschooling

I tagged my daughter in an article I saw. I thought it was a good idea for her to read it since she is reading Shakespeare. Turns out she was so into it that she said she wanted to go! All the way to Manila!
My husband and I talked about it! We asked each other:
Should we go along with this?
Can we afford it?
What will happen to the younger ones while I am away?
We had to go as far back as why we went ahead to home school the children 7 years ago.

While my husband and I were deliberating, A asked me to call the British Council Office, which I did. The lady who received my call said she'll call me back with the details to the workshop. I was out of the house when she called back in the afternoon of the same day, so A got the call! It turns out that the workshop is free but it was invitational. So, A decided to email Ms. Ann of the British Council. Ms Ann replied saying she can join if her parents signed a form (parental consent).

My husband and I could not imagine how we could do stuff like this when we were her age. For one we were both from traditional schools so all our activities revolved around what our school had to offer. While A is growing up with internet (email, me tagging her in an article) and outside of school. I told A she can go if she has enough savings to pay for 2 airplane tickets. Turns out she does! All that red envelopes during Christmas and Birthdays, including P20 and coins plus selling our trash/ recycables, is now paying off for her!
We asked A ,"You are going to spend that much from your life's savings to do this?"
Her answer, "Yeah!"
So my husband and I talked again wether it was a good idea for A to spend that much from her savings (value for money, making an investment etc etc) and then we talked to A.

I called my aunt and asked if we can stay with her. When she said yes, everything seemed set! We bought the tickets online, went to the bank with A, and packed our bags! The hardest part of the trip for me was leaving As, L and Nh! While I was happy to be going with A, I miss and thought of the 3 younger ones.
A, fixing my pictures in my computer while waiting at the airport.

Its amazing in a way how some of the people in the workshop reacted similarly to how my husband and I reacted when A told us she wanted to go and do this. They asked "You came all the way here just for this?"

And I was like, "Yeah." where else will/ can we get Hiphop Shakespeare Workshop but here  and now!
Day 1 of the Workshop
 It should be obvious to me by now that my eldest daughter enjoys the theater/ singing/ acting/ dancing/ stage. Also, I must admit that I can not teach my daughter Shakespeare, I can only buy her the materials and she has to read it herself (Shakespeare was not taught during the workshop his works were just discussed). A has probably read more Shakespeare than the average high schooler in Davao (this is a wild guess and based on the materials I had in school at her age). Plus, I don't get rap music and can't dance Hiphop so where else will she get this!
Morning of Day 2

 A with Akala and high school(there were 3 of them out of the 20+ people who joined).
 With her group after the performance. They were divided into smaller groups for their mini projects
 A, with ladies from the British Council

She had the time of her life and made new friends!!! I learned so much from accompanying my girl! I am not sure if it was more for me than for her. I am most delighted that I was able to meet up and have lunch with Jen of Next9 and talk on the phone with Jen of Chronicles of a Nursing Mom. I now have new stocks for the little shelf in The POD.

I don't think this would be possible for her/ us to do if we were not homeschooling. I don't think the article would have mattered nor could we be able to afford the trip if she were in school. I wonder if she'd be interested in this stuff too if she were in school? She can not miss her classes if she were in school too. She is now thinking of college! Imagine that! On the last day of the workshop, my Aunt took us to UP Diliman and A was so happy! Oh well this shall be for another post!

Note: I need/ want a better camera!!!


  1. Wonderful! I really appreciate your posts on how homeschooling opens doors for learning. I can also feel your excitement in your writing :)

    1. Thank you Mariel. I try to write as much as I can about homeschooling since we are doing it independently. It is indeed exciting :D I sometimes wonder if our doors are too open. My husband and I always have to have "meetings". Thank you for dropping by. I look forward to your posts too.


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