Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Looking Forward to Saturday

I am so excited for Saturdays Mommy Meet Up. I had inquiries asking how much the fee is? Again Mommy Meet Ups at The POD is free unless stated that there is a fee. Its a meet and greet activity for moms to be with other moms at this special time of our lives! The only requirement is for participants to come on time. As we must start and end on time.
This Saturday from 10 to 11:30 am, artist and Mom-to be Yanyan will be at The POD and we'll be doing some belly art. I met Yanyan in Childbirth Preparation Class last Saturday and the stars align! 

We are celebrating and enjoying normal healthy happy pregnancy!!! This might be new to some of the moms. I have never tried it myself. I got the stuff yesterday and could not help it! I must try it!!! Test the waters so to speak! So excited!!!

Its a good thing I tried it coz it suddenly occurred to me that it might be difficult to take off?

The great news is: Its easy to take off! We just needed wipes and it rubbed off right away!!! So I am excited to see Yanyan and all the other moms (5 confirmed today). It seems like no water is needed when applying the face paint. I can't wait for Yanyan's instructions!
And L said, "Mom I don't think you can paint your tummy."
Me: Why not?
L: "Because your tummy mommy is just big and wobbly soft not round like a ball you might have a hard time putting the paint!"
Wahahahahahahahaha!!!! OUCH a bit here! Anyway I have other body parts to paint! So excited!!!


  1. awww!!! would've love to attend! sana may mommy meet-up pa din sa december ;)

    1. Oh if you are here by December then there should be a meet up :D


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