Friday, June 8, 2012

Getting Ready: POGS Fun Run

I was tagged in a photo some moths ago and I thought, Oh well its so far away! 
How time flies! Its only a month away and POGS Mindanao Chapter came up with singlets already! I am going to convince everybody in the house to register and run! This isn't going to be hard. My husband likes to run and so does A and As

I am getting my running shorts and favorite shirt for this one! Ha ha ha ha I sound as if I am running for 10k. For sure, I will be running with my Nh and L.
July 8 will be a Sunday. How perfect! We shall put our feet up and rest for the whole day. Maybe this would be a good time for some family video in the afternoon...

Unlike the other fun runs in the city this one has a category for pregnant moms!!! 
I wonder if there will be a winner for this category and if it will be timed?

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