Monday, June 4, 2012

Experiment in Pyjamas

We finally did our experiment! And as I said in my previous post, I will share the results. 
And now, we have got some new questions to answer. Its amazing how I saw my children draw out arguments and rationales from previous experiences they had. This is how we started today...
We wrote down our plan and questions etc.
We set up our experiment and made a plan to come to it ever hour until the ice melts.

We decide to do math while waiting for the time. After an hour, As and L were done with Math.

 And this is what we found:

Ice with salt

Ice without salt

As things were becoming confusing, As and I decided to put it in the computer. Now she can practice typing too.
While As was typing, L went to play with Nh. And there was still so much time As went on to play with her violin. I decided to get a video coz As wants to work on this piece with her teacher. She is playing this by ear, figured it out after hearing Valerie Kim on YouTube some months ago.

 After an hour...
This is whats left of the salt water ice.
  Both of them tasted the salt water!!! Why? I did not ask! Good thing they decided not to drink it!!

Here's what we have...
Questions: Is salt water colder that fresh water? Is an iceberg made up of salt water or fresh water?

As is referring to the Titanic Exhibit we saw in Singapore last April.

 And The book "Star in the Storm" was one of the 3 Read Aloud books we read this summer.

And yes we did this while in our pyjamas! If you have any input about salt water, fresh water and how they melt etc. do let me know. We were not able to answer our questions today.


  1. Looks fun!!! Sometimes it's really difficult to answer children's questions so I leave it up to my husband - kidding! :D

  2. Yes Mariel, it was fun. I was surprised by the difference in the ice. I seriously do the: "ask Daddt..."
    Thank you too for your Independence Day post. It inspired me to celebrate it in our home this year!

  3. I love the new look of your blog, btw! And the name of your blog sounds so romantic and so true!


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