Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Desire to Learn Filipino!

Finally! The desire to learn Filipino has happened! Or should I say occurred! I seriously thought it would never happen!  I have felt a bit sad about my children being so poor in Filipino and I am a bit mixed up myself. When I speak in Tagalog its always injected with Bisaya words/ phrases/ expressions.  Filipino and Math were (maybe still are) my waterloo in school. With Math I found good materials to help us but I can't say the same for Filipino. My lack of confidence/ ability also did not help! I did attempt to teach my children Filipino while worrying that I might push it unnecessarily and make mistakes that will result in them disliking it all together.

Last week, while in a shop next to National Bookstore A and As heard someone complain about Filipino as a subject and somehow this got them into the willingness to learn Filipino. Of course L goes along with this! So I got this book right away for Php 125.00.

I have a 3 phase Plan.
We are now in Phase 1. We read 1 or 2 stories every night. I read, then they will each interpret/ translate it in English. The interpreter/ translator must not be interrupted until she's done. They can also do silent reading and every Tuesday will be "Speak in Filipino Day" here in the house. I can here the yayas laughing with As and L outside as the two struggle to speak in Filipino.
Phase 2 will be them reading to me.
Phase 3 will be buying a Filipino work book with a teachers guide or answer key. And answering the whole book. I will be getting 3 different books for A, As and L. Nh will just join us for reading no workbook for him.

Goal: To finish the workbook and appreciate the language! I am looking for Filipino Books with an answer key/ teachers guide. Any suggestions that will help us will be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I have been looking for a good Filipino story collection for my children for a few months now. Thanks so much for this post! I wish I could hop onto National Bookstore right this minute (because our school year starts this coming Monday, eek!).


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