Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baking = Real Life Math

While A and As started their math this morning, I decide to do baking with L and Nh. This way Nh won't disturb As and both L and Nh can do some real life math.

Lucky me she chose this recipe!!! As the measurements are in grams. It will give us a chance to work on weights. I don't lecture them when baking I just point out what I hope and think they should recall in the future.

Both were excited to get thinks going! It was peacefully messy.  
L and Nh seemed to work well together this morning.

The recipe called for some painting with food coloring! 

 While we were painting the cookies (unbaked), L kept taking about owning an egg and how she wants to watch it hatch etc etc. I seemed really complicated! I figured getting a chicken might be easier. So I suggested it. Turns out our new helper Ate Gaga knows a lot about chickens. So after shaping the cookies, we all looked at Tilly's Nest. Both Ate Gaga and Ate Chu seem to be up to it. We finished painting and cleaning up just in time for lunch. It was L's turn to set the table today for lunch (and dinner).

Finish product...
This gets me thinking about Christmas... When inspiration strikes I must make a note and go back to it soon.
We ended our lunch today with cookies!!!

 We told daddy about owning an egg which is now turning out to be owning a chicken. There was no protest from dad. A says she's neutral! But L is so into it she talked Nh and As to support her cause! Now I wonder, do we still have space for this? Another pet(s)?

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