Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer Reporting

We did our reporting last night!!!
When we do reporting, I let the girls choose a topic that they are currently interested in, they come up with their own questions and prepare the report themselves. I inject some of my own questions and we set a date for the reporting. I do not check the work in progress or have a dry run of the reports. It's all up to them!!!
I find this exciting, informative and heart warming.  For this reporting they were given 2 weeks to do the report.

Our first time reporter! She was so nervous "Ungulates in the Farm"

2nd reporter: "Ungulates" very impressive slides

3rd reporter "Muscles"

Dad listening!!! L now relax after her report

The reporting happened after dinner and lasted for about an hour including the time they needed for setting up the projector. We agreed that if the ungulates report turn out well we shall go horse back riding. Now the choices are: Marina Stables or Eden Nature Park! This could be a great way to close the summer...

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