Friday, May 18, 2012

First Ever Baby Wearing Event

There are 3 reasons why the coming Meet Up on May 26 Saturday is different from the usual meet ups that we have in The POD.

#1. There will be 2 time slots, 9 to 10:30 am and 10:30 to 12 noon. I am expecting 30 moms to drop by and join the first ever baby wearing meet up! Some moms will be bringing their babies and some daddies will also be present. This is triple the number of moms/ babies/ dads that we usually have. To make sure we all fit in, I decided to divide the group.

#2. There will also be a talk- "Baby Wearing 101" by baby wearing enthusiasts, Jenny of Chronicles of a Nursing Mom along with Jen of Next9 and Jonie of Mamaway.

#3. There will be baby carriers for Sale!!! To date there are no baby carriers on our shelf, but on the 26th of May there will be baby carriers for sale.

I am looking forward to next Saturday! How I wish I could have attended something like this back in 1997! My dear husband and I wore our baby girl after receiving a baby carrier for her baptism.  I was so confident in myself for the simple reason that there was a picture of a mom and dad with a baby inside the carrier looking all happy! Plus, I saw a lot of Badjao do it! And their babies seem to be all right! Most of all they are able to move around! At one point after my second baby was born in 2000, I tried to talk to a Badjao in Uyanguren, to ask how she ties her sling. At that time my sling was the knapsack type with baby in front of me facing me, but we did not understand each other and the Badjao mom seemed busy so I walked away. I was planning to make my own sling and pattern it after hers, but it did not happen.

 Now, look what I found just now on my mobile phone! A picture of me and my boy back in 2010. This baby carrier from The Oak and Acorn, was given to me as a going away present by my friend Lyn. Oh I loved this!!! I remember this photo. It was taken by my 2nd daughter AS while my 3rd girl L was having her swimming lessons!!!


  1. alex! i will attend the 9am slot..i'm still deciding to whether to bring Saree or not. carrying her around is about tiring plus i am bad at packing her stuff, i swear. hehe. anyway, would you believe it that i am also observing how badjaos babywear :)

  2. Hi Devi, wrote your name in the 9 to 10:30 time slot. Feel free to bring Saree. See you on Saturday :D


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