Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fainting Dads????

This is yet to happen!!! Just to keep a record and in fairness to all the dads who attended Childbirth Preparation Class since 2004 to date, none have fainted during labor and birth!!!

I am not saying that all dads are comfortable with the idea of being in the labor and delivery room. Some would say they are nervous. Some are so ready to be there with mom. Some dads don't belong in the labor room, some labor/ births might have been more relaxed without dad. But a lot of the dads I talk to want to be there. From what I see in class most dads can decide on their own or with some prodding from mom, if they want to be in the labor room and/or be present during the birth (natural birth, epidural, c section).

Maybe a dad has fainted sometime in the past in some hospital or birth center, but it hasn't happened to any of the dads who attended Childbirth Preparation Class so far. I am giving credit to all the dads:
- for those who decided to be present during labor and birth,
-for those who felt they could not handle it and decided not to go with mom,
-for those who sort of wanted to be there but were told that the rules of the place won't allow them.

Why are dads not allowed in the labor room? Why should they be there too? Do you know a dad who fainted in the labor/ delivery room coz to date I do not know any...
Last night's hospital tour at Brokenshire Hospital

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