Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Scoliosis, Me coping...

This is where we are now. Going on our 3rd month since being diagnosed. I asked my dear girl AS if it okay with her that I blog about what's going on. I need an outlet. A means of coping. This way I will stop talking about it to everyone I know. Yes I know my dear daughter's scoliosis is not life threatening but I am all worked up about it!
Sleepless nights
Research, Book Purchases, made some emails. It seems like the most far flung person is the only one who cared enough to email me back. Or maybe the other people changed email address already?
Tears and more tears

Positive feeling and thoughts: It will not progress. It will not hamper her in anyway! We will figure out something that she can work with and carry with her forever to help her cope with her condition. After all this is so minor compared to what others have to cope with.
Negative Thoughts like what if it does progress...
I can not let her just go thru surgery with out a fight now. We can not just wait and see.
Here's what I am thinking:  If man was able to go to the moon and back how could we not figure out scoliosis when it is so common. There must be one soul out there who got this figured out in some way other than surgery. Although surgery is not recommended right away.There must be a way to hold this curve in place or better yet correct it?!??????


  1. I'm scoliotic and I've suffered back aches all my life until I changed my lifestyle. I had my greatest reliefs when I went to a Chiropractor in Ulas, Davao City. Dr. Snow gave me some exercises and advise and thankfully, I've managed my back aches now. I hope this helps.

  2. Hi Sweet, Thank you so much. My daughter is not complaining of back aches yet. I suppose she will have it when she gets older. I will remember Dr Snow. My husband went to a chiroprator 8 years ago, Dr Olsen. He was a big big help to my husband.

  3. OMG!!! The picture... i didn't notice that before :(


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