Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Buntis Day 2012

March 10, Saturday was Buntis Day. Unlike the previous years when it was held in the Mall, this year it was in the Ateneo de Davao Grade School Gym. Also this year's celebration was only half a day, not like the previous years when it was a whole day activity. I hope POGS get their target and make it to the Guinness Book of World Record for the Nationwide Simultaneous Prenatal Class.

Same as the previous years, my little little eager helpers AS, L and NH came along to help me. My eldest girl decided to stay home and rest and prepare her stuff for her ballet recital. My second daughter, AS had the camera and took pictures.
Seated: Super Women from BWC, Janus, Natalie and Lisa. Standing Dr Darleen Estuart Me and NH and L hiding behind me.

My most memorable moment for this year was during the question and answer portion. The moms lined up to ask questions and one young mom asked Dr. Daniega what it means and what can she do coz she was told at the center that they did not pick up the baby's heart tones...
My golly!!! My heart skipped a beat. She was referred right away to the ultra sound area to have a scan. I don't know what happened anymore to her or to her baby. I trust that she and her baby are safe and okay.

I saw one of the moms from my class and we had a nice chat. By 12 noon I had to pack up and take my little helpers home. Then I went to The POD for the first session of Batch 3 2012.

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