Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birthday Girl and her Kitten

While washing some dishes a few days ago I heard my dear L whistling and cooing and talking with an instructional tone. I looked up and saw this. And so I ran to get my camera.
 Turns out our little foundling is a boy. The vet also explained that the kitten's blue eyes might/ most likely change as he gets older, so my dear L renamed her kitten, Simpkin. She feeds this tiny kitten, sings to it, cleans the litter box, strokes her after feeding (as instructed by our vet) and spends time to exercise him.
 This is one thing my dear L would not have time to do if we sent her to school. She looked so peaceful, so relaxed. She's learning cat behaviour, cat anatomy (this weeks science), commitment and responding to the call of this tiny kitten even when she does not feel like it.


What more can I ask from L. She asked for Jelly Beans last Friday. She's officially 8 years old. 

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