Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tea and Cookies for our First Meet Up for 2012

Saturday morning was all rainy and damp! I became a bit nervous after dropping my eldest girl to ballet, while at a stop sign, I got a text from 3 moms saying they couldn't make it. I thought, what if nobody came? Then the traffic light turned green and I drove to The POD thinking, this would make the little ones at home happy with all the extra cookies they will have. 45 minutes later, the first couple arrived, followed by a mom to be and so on... Despite the rain, 9 mommies, 2 daddies, 4 babies and a tita/ lola came to the  The POD for our first Meet Up for the year! I wanted the activity to be a venue for moms to just chat and exchange "notes".
Our chats ranged from baby food, baby ear wax, bathing , labor, partners, sedation, breastfeeding, baby wearing and sleep. At one point there were like 3 groups in the room chatting all at once.
We tried 2 nursing teas and 2 kinds of cookies: Major Milk Makin Chocolate Chip Cookies and Malungay Chocolate Chip Cookies .

Our eldest baby fell asleep at this point.

Voting Cards
 I feel so blessed. Thank you for coming and I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did!
The next Meet Up will be on Feb. 18, Saturday. Time 9:45 to 11 am.
I am looking forward...


  1. We did enjoy, Alex! twas nice chit chatting with new moms and moms to be, especially our experiences with labor, child birth, and newborn care. ;-) It will be nicer if we could meet and chat again with our batch. Thanks for the hot tea and yummy cookies! Great treat!

  2. Hi Wawee, thanks for dropping by. Yes we should organize a reunion! :D

  3. Hi! how can you join these mommy meet-ups? i'm a mom of 2 boys and pregnant with the 3rd one. Would love to join. Thanks!

  4. Hi Jaja, do come. Give us a call to register so we know how many to expect. Our land line number is 3022737 between 1:30 to 6 pm.


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