Wednesday, January 11, 2012

She's Turning 8...

 Oh my dear girl! Your wit, your plans, your fears. 
The way you look at things, put things, how you feel for creatures great and small...
 I love you...Forever.
I love you now, when your turn 8, all the way until you 88...
  At the dinner table, a few hours ago.
ME: Hey, do you want anything for your birthday?
L: "Yes, I want not to be 8."
Me: Sorry, I can't help you with that. You will really turn 8 on your birthday.
L: "I want a horse."
 Me: Now where will we put that? Lets see, if we can find one as small as Luna Maybe that.
Luna our 3rd Rabbit
 If you, my dear girl L, had all the space in the worlds you'll probably cultivate an anthill and get yourself an elephant? I know you know a horse is impossible. Or do you? Maybe we should just go horse back ridding... And maybe I should make a story book for you? Maybe both?

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