Friday, January 20, 2012

Scared Stiff by a Sticker Book

My 3rd girl, L, loves sticker books. I personally don't like them, but she devours them. My mom, I think, likes them a lot too as she is the constant source. My mom limits her self to buying science animal sticker books. I think she gets it that dress me up, princess stuff will be frowned upon by me!!! Last week, she gave L another sticker book with the title,  "Wet and Wild". To my surprise L just scanned it, then left it on the table for the dust to land on. I thought maybe she's busy with something else or she's saving the best for last... But this afternoon I scanned the sticker book and she has not "touched" it at all.

I asked her if she would like to work with it and she said "Its too scary." I told her that we should do it together since we had an hour before we had to leave to pick up her older sister and that I will sit with her thru the scary stuff.  She worked with the farm animals sticker book a few months ago without my help at all. She should be able to do this!!!
Me being me, I chose the page that said "Weird and Wonderful" to work on, which spooked her out even more.  So I told her not to fear as this is the closest we'll ever get to the scary creatures. She did not want to hold the stickers. Luckily, we had the time and energy to be patient with each other. I had to take the stickers out first so she does not have to touch them only the sticky under part. I can see her stiffen as I hand her the tiny harmless sticker. But she went on working and after sticking them, she would read the short description to me.
After one page I asked her if she wants to continue and she said she wanted to work with the "Beaks and Feathers" page. She thinks its better "because its not so under water."  And so we did work on this, but this time it was mostly her.
 That covers our science and loud reading academics for this week... until next week... until the stickers run out.

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