Sunday, November 6, 2011

How Do You Teach Your Kids?

Plain and straight forward as this question is I always feel like I get lost in my own answer. I teach!??! 
How do I teach? I maximize what's in front of me.
 "And do they listen? What if they don't?"
I stop. If they do not listen, I stop.
There are some things that I can not forgo as a mother, for I am, at the moment the person in charge of 4  young, promising, amazing, beautiful beings. And one day I will face my creator and answer to him- for all I have done and for all I failed to do.
 So academics can wait. I stop if the interest is not there. But, to let them know that they are loved, to address attitudes and matters of character these things can't wait!
Considered as spelling lessons/ arts and craft/ working together/ cleaning up. Making a birthday card for lolo! What could be more important for this two. The motivation and creativity is all there!
Like all other teachers (i suppose) I bring up information (knowing that I do not/ will never know everything). Example, my 3rd daughter and I are currently reading The Mysterious Benedict Society. A book that was read and recommended by my second girl. And in the first chapter the main character took a test that had something to do with hexagons. So I stopped reading brought up other shapes from triangle to decagon. And made drawings in her notebook while the book we were reading stayed open in the bed. And after about 10 minutes of this she wanted to go back to the story. So we did. 
There! We did math for the day! Since I am reading, we are doing literature, grammar, some spelling and critical thinking all at once while hugging in bed with a lot of pillows.

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