Thursday, September 29, 2011

Can I be a Left Handed?

This has been going on for some time now. My dear 11 year old uses her left hand when doing her math and makes identical drawings with her left and right hand.She has used her right hand when writing or maybe I gave her the pen and instructed her to use right I am really not sure. But as far as I can remember she has used her right hand when writing or coloring.

If we work with the clock and a strict time table this endeavor of hers won't be permitted. But since we just have a deadline and its really up to her how much work she will, writing with the left hand became possible. She writes faster now with her left than when she started a few week ago. It also did not result in more mistakes in her math work.
Why she does this I do not know. It may have something to do with her piano playing that made her think this can be done or is reasonable to do , maybe even useful...
Can you tell which is drawn with the left hand, drawing A or B?
Drawing A
Drawing B

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