Monday, August 1, 2011

Davao Airport's Breastfeeding Station

A few months ago, my breastfeeding mommy friend who had to travel alone with her infant, told me that we do not have a breastfeeding station at the airport. So when I saw a sign at the airport last July 15, I was so excited I just had to check it out. And I was surely going to text my friend the good news...

I hurriedly turned to my left while digging for my camera. Against my daughter's protest, I opened the door and....
See couch in the mirror.
I was stunned!!! Did the Department of Health approve this? Should I feel grateful for this?
If there's any thumbs up with this set up is that at least I can sit my baby in the couch while I pee and pray with all my might that he/she wouldn't roll off! Notice how the couch is almost blocking the changing table. But the good side to that is I have an accessible place to put my bag while changing my baby, if it opens well.

I tried my best to look at the brighter side and point out the good in the set up but I can't help but feel that what we have in the airport is for "the sake of having a breastfeeding station". Is this what our "child-friendly" city has to offer! A couch in the BANYO with instructions on how to express milk and some breastfeeding posters.
Poster with instruction on how to manually express milk.
I hope that "breastfeeding station" sign will be taken out! I find this wrong and at its very least bad taste. So after my initial excitement and ready to text and share the good news vibe, I walked away feeling fooled  and recalling my chewing gum days in high school. Since chewing gum was banned, some of my classmates and I chewed gum in the girls bathroom after lunch...
Breastfeeding does not have to happen in closed doors. If I were still breastfeeding, would I use this space to breastfeed my child or if I feel the need to express my milk, would I go inside the "breastfeeding station"? NO!!! I would prefer one of the restaurants or inside the waiting lounge in the back of the wall facing the glass that looks out to the runway would be a better option. The designated "breastfeeding station" in the Davao Airport is the best place to change diapers but not to feed my child.  What about you? Have you seen this? Would you feed your child or express your milk here?
To all new mothers out there you don't need this kind of space to breastfeed your child! You can breastfeed anywhere! Its legal!!! And most of the time people are kind enough to give you space and privacy.

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  1. If I were a mother , which I'm not, I'd probably be more comfortable in the far end of the waiting lounge where there aren't much people


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