Thursday, August 4, 2011

14 Years Since My First Ultrasound

The title to this post makes me feel old. And yes I am being sentimental. I had my first ultrasound  between 12 to 16 weeks pregnant with my first baby back in1997. Together with my then boyfriend, now husband, we held hands as we watched the TV/computer monitor with black and green images.

At the end of the scan, thanks to the doctor's pronouncements, I was more or less able to make out the head, the spine and the beating heart. That was it. It was confirmed that we were having a baby. The doctor said it was too early to tell the gender. And we did not want to find out either.

I look back at the experience and say it was excitingly solemn and somewhat serious. The whole ultrasound felt like was a peek inside an enclose private space. My next ultrasound was done, August 1, a day before my expected date of delivery. That's when we learned we were having a girl. During the scan, I could not make out her features on my own. If the doctor didn't pointed out her leg and toes, I would have missed. We were told all was well and as should be. I went into labor 4 days after my 2nd ultrasound.

My first and my 4th pregnancy are 10 years apart. In that 10 years we have moved on from the 2D pure diagnostic totally unentertaining,"doc explain what you are seeing" ultrasound experience to the 3D/4D scan...Just wondering, how it was like for other moms? When did you have your first Ultrasound? How many did you have?

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