Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's embarassingly easy! (For me)

Lately, when a friend or new acquaintance remark about how good or "bilib" or how difficult it must be that I am homeschooling my children, I feel embarrassed and almost like a fake! The fact is it is NOT hard at all. Sending all of them to school would be harder for me and my husband compared to what we chose to do 6 years ago- NOT send them to school early.
Reading poetry and learning Roman Numerals.
I am not climbing a mountain here or swimming across to Samal Island. I am just spending time, teaching, eating, doing errands, with the 3 of them. They just don't go to school. That's all.
From the start, my husband and I agreed that we will not bring school home (although I did try at one point but abandoned  the attempt less than a third of the way). We ask ourselves, what we would have liked when we were kids? From our answers we worked out a plan, choose our materials, activities etc. We were prepared that our kids will be "delayed" in some aspects of learning. Which translated to standardized tests while the children are young is not a good idea. Which means that we expect them to learn how to read and write and do basic math as the need and/or desire arise, which ever comes first. Therefore, we do not have deadlines, unless we set one. And when we set a deadline we discuss it and set the reasons why there should be one.
What usually happens it that I work with one child, for my 7 year old, its 30 minutes in the morning. And while I am with her, I ignore the others for a while. Which can look like this,
While working with my 7 year old, my 11 year old is reading and my 3 year old son making crashing sounds while burying himself with some toys.
A lot of the things I and my husband do with our children are the same stuff that parents with "schooling" children do. And I think parents with "schooling" kids are doing a lot more in a day than me or my children (except for my eldest now), plus the pressure of a deadline. What we have "found" by homeschooling our children is a "system"/ way of life that is working suitably for our family and the goals and ideals that we have set in our given location at this point in time. I feel and see my children are involved, happy, sincere and motivated. For me, it's easy and effective, nothing heroic or necessarily better here.


  1. The strangest comment I've received about homeschooling is "Oh, you must be such a good mom!" I can't even imagine what is implied in a statement like that.

    It's just like you said: It's easy and effective, not heroic or super-human.

    I like your writing style and your ideas. This was a great post.

  2. Patti, thank you for dropping by. I am amazed!!! I am on the other side of the world from you and I got that same comment too. I didn't know if I was to take it as a compliment or a remark I should worry about...


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