Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I'm giving math and writing a rest for the whole of July!!!! We are off on a 45 minute expedition twice a week! Tuesdays and Thursdays...


We checked out the Northern Lights, Fairy tales and Witches this morning. We hopped into the plane and had to stop somewhere in Russia as we forgot to wear winter clothes. COLD!!!!! As soon as we got them, we were back on board with our trusted pilot who made a water landing in Norway!

We also got to check out how Oslo's city hall looks like. So this afternoon, I'll be driving pass our city hall so my fellow explorers can check it out!!! We also found this movie, but no luck with the fairy tales. Good thing our chef thought of packing up bread and tea!

It will be better next time, coz now I know
1. I'll listen to my expedition team more, (Explorer and Chef, kept mentioning Roald Dahl, but I was so busy with my own ideas, now I wonder what he has to do with Norway?),
2. I will get one video ready before we start.
3. We'll have a passport to write down what we want to check out, flag etc...
4. It is best to clean up right after our "paper work" before videos and snacks!

Next stop Antarctica!!!

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