Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Field Trip to The Bone Museum

We went to D'Bone Museum last Monday and it was worth it! I am so happy I insisted on going as my 3rd daughter did not like the idea of visiting a place where there are bones which means dead animals and her utmost concern was the possibility of sea creatures. But I said it was the perfect way to wrap up our science lesson about the skeletal system. Our discussion on the matter lasted longer than the museum tour.
Here's Ms Reluctant and Nervous and Mr Eager Beaver!

In the first floor of the museum, there is a small gift shop where you pay for your entrance fee: P80.00 for adults and P70.00 for children comes with a tour guide. There is a work area that my son liked.
I wonder if they will have like a summer class for bone something for kids.

The third floor was a stressful place for Ms Reluctant and Nervous as she has an issue with sea creatures.
 But by the end of the tour she was released and being all reflective.
With our tour guide
We went back to the second floor and my daughter remembered the afternoon she went horse back riding with her sisters and the little brother in the Davao Horse Club, here.
Horse skeleton from the Davao Horse Club
I am so happy we have this museum in Davao! We shall visit this place again when we ever get to study/ talk about vertebrates or mammals. At the moment we are learning about the circulatory system. I suggested that we should get a blood test but both my kids said no!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Skeletal System

I can't believe my 3rd daughter does not want to go to the museum. She just wants a quiz and another quiz and said that we should proceed to the circulatory system. But I can not do that!!! We have a museum here in Davao! We have to support the museum is now part of my reasons to go.

She is worried it might be gross to go to the bone museum after I showed he a photo of the ore fish, here and the video here. The ore fish sightings and video has nothing to do with the skeletal system of the human body but the sea creatures are vertebrates like us and all this happen to be all over the news lately. Anyway, I insist that we go to the Bone Museum this afternoon to wrap up our skeletal system topic and I am super excited to go!

Celebrating the First National Homeschool Day in Davao City Philippines

It was pleasantly invigorating to meet up with fellow homeschooling parents. we had a total of 3 dads and 6 moms. I wish I prepared an activity for the children but they ended talking peacefully while we, the grownups had our own table.
 I instructed my children to wear any of the following colors: red, blue, yellow or white.

 Love this photo. 
I met Rhoda 2 years ago in this place. And I wish now that we took a photo or our children back then.
 We talked about why we are homeschooling, where we are now, what are the challenges we have or are anticipating and what we like about homeschooling. 
We were a mixed group. A total of 6 families and its such a joy for me to listen to those who are starting out. I am happy I got to talk to a mom who has a daughter who is entering Senior High school too.  I wonder what the theme will be for next year's Homeschooling Day 2018...

Thursday, March 2, 2017

On the eve of #hapiday2017

Photo: from HAPI Facebook Page

Tomorrow is the first ever homeschooling day in The Philippines with the theme, "Building Up The Philippines One Family at a Time." I am looking forward to meet the others who are coming over in the little gathering I organized. Its been 11 years since we took our eldest and second child out of school and did the whole thing ourselves. But we were not an island. The children joined various activities and were up and about that an older family member once commented that it was probably less hectic for me if I just send my kids to school. I don't agree with him though. 

When we started homeschooling I was happy and I felt safe to be below the radar and not bother with accreditation. My thinking was, if the whole Philippines were a family, then we are definitely very dysfunctional and extremely delayed in our actions. But in the tragedy that we are in, there springs hope and resilience and love that somehow balance things out. Since there are many people who can't go to school for various reasons, there must be a way for a person who does not have a formal education to get back or get into  the system. I figured, we (our family) would not bother the system, as in DeptEd, as we are only we are only one family and there are so many others out there who certainly need the resources and intervention of DeptEd. So, I am not going to be samok-samok.

Now there are so many families who are homeschooling and since communication is much faster now than ever, here I am on the eve of the first ever National Homeschool Day. On top of my head are the following thoughts:
1. I am happy we took this route. I am thankful that my daughters' teacher in Brainworks School who was supportive of our desire to try out homeschooling 11 years ago.
2. I appreciate and value the freedom that we have as independent homeschoolers. No curriculum provider meant spending money on classes/ activities that mattered when it mattered to my children.
3. What to do with senior highchool for my second child. Its its about 3 or 4 years away for my 3rd child so I am not yet thinking about Senior Highschool for her or for our youngest just yet. I trust that things would have sorted itself out by then.
4. I hope it does not rain tomorrow, so we will be comfortable in the venue.
5. I should wear any of the following colors: blue, red , yellow or white. Thanks to my fellow homeschooling mom Stifanny for letting me know about the outfit request in the HAPI Facebook page

5. I wonder if we will exceed 5 families tomorrow?

Good evening and tomorrow it's #hapiday2017...
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