Thursday, November 19, 2015

What if I had to grade him?

What if I told my son that if his answer is wrong then, he will lose 1 point? Because instead of barn he spelled the word farm. Should he get a mark for it? An X  for wrong or a C for creative? What are both for?

Would he have come up with the next answer? 

If I told him what was in the picture, so he could simply sound out the letters in the word, I would have missed out on what he thinks and how he sees the simple pictures. Would he have been so eager to flip the cover and see the word?

Yes that's a W and he turned it around to make an M because he wanted to be fast so we could move on to the next card. He wasn't being lazy or defiant. He wanted to move on fast. He wanted to flip the cover and see if he got it right. 

I am happy I got to see him apply himself to the task at hand. Although the words he came up with are different from the the one in the card, are they wrong? Seeing him in a eureka moment is priceless. I am convinced that education for young people should chase after eureka moments rather than letter or numerical grades.

What if I had to grade him? What if he wanted a high grade? Would he have been so bold and sure in his answers?  Would he have laughed when they did not match? I will never know because I don't assign or compute grades for him or his sisters. I just spend time with them. 

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