Friday, February 28, 2014

Can my husband come with me inside the labor room?

I don't see why you can not have a companion of choice. I had and so have a lot of other mothers here in Davao City! If you want to have someone to hold your hand and share the experience with you, then you must asked that someone now to join you in your birth place. Speak up! You are going to be a mother! You will be responsible for a one of kind person! And you will experience labor and birth and you'll never walk the same road again. You should be heard! Do not delay and please check if your birth place will allow you and your chosen companion in the labor and delivery room.

If your birth place has a policy that says no one is allowed in the labor and delivery room or you can only have visitors for  a certain number of minutes only, then that is just severe specially if you are giving birth in a private hospital. It does not matter if you are planning to be in the maternity ward, private room or suite room. I think and have seen that it is severe to deny a woman in labor a companion that she so desires specially if that companion wants to be with her too!

If your birth place has this policy you should know that your birth place is seriously stuck in the crazy cut tiles and hairspray trend of the fifties and sixties! Or they could have advanced to the bell bottoms and disco craze of the seventies and eighties respectively, but their policy is nowhere near Evidence Based Maternity Care Practices.
If your doctor/ midwife recommends a birth place for you he/she should be able to answer you if you can have continuous labor support and and what their new born care practices and policies are (this will be for another post). You can read more on the advantages of having a companion of choice for labor and delivery here. Its no surprise that Unang Yakap EINC is recommending it!

Here is a screen capture from Unang Yakap EINC Facebook Page.

And another one from Lebak, Sultan Kudarat

Here's a follow up question: What about infection? Is having a companion of choice applicable in a hospital setting here in Davao City? As I said I had a companion of choice with me (take note: my companion is not in the medical profession he is a businessman) and so have many others here in Davao City.

And puhaleeeez!! Please! Seriously! Infection from your companion?! Let's be realistic. The biggest outbreak when it comes to maternal/ infant care in our country that cost lives in a hospital setting was not due to mothers having non sterile companion of choice that carried virus/ disease/spores etc...  in the labor and delivery room but was due to out-dated practices that separated mothers and babies before the first breastfeed. This is not some hidden inside information wiki leaks discovery churva!  You can read about it here  or watch this. It was international news, here! and here!

Ask your self, what is the #1 cause of death of mothers here in the Philippines? (for another post) Is it infection from a filthy companion of choice?

To prevent infection, hand washing is a big deal in the labor and delivery room, you can read about that here. As you can see from the Unang Yakap Photo on top the dad is barefoot. I am assuming that he is because he was not able to bring extra slippers and the place does not have extra slippers for him and so he was simply asked to wash his hands and feet thoroughly. In the birth center I have been to and the 2 hospitals here in Davao City that regularly conduct hospital tours, you can not bring your street footwear inside the labor/ delivery room area.

As of date, there are more than 200 birth companions, mostly fathers who attended Childbirth Class here in Davao City and none of them fainted during labor and birth! I wrote about this before, here.

If you want to have continuous labor support, I don't understand why you can not, unless the labor/delivery room in your birthplace is super small. Which means you might not be able to walk or move around which is vital and helpful during labor, watch this. Now ask yourself, what logical, humane and kind reason could there be for you to shell out your hard earned money in such a place? Look at the pictures in the Unang Yakap Facebook Page, other mothers were able to have a companion of choice. It is being done in different parts of the country!
If you want the support of your mother, sister, friend, boyfriend, partner, husband, soul mate beside you continuously during labor and birth, as far as I am concerned, I don't understand why you can not have this here in Davao City.

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