Wednesday, June 26, 2013

When Teaching Math

Breathe in, breathe out and repeat to self  "I am patient, I am kind, my child will get it in time, even if it takes 10 years.."

 For as long as my child is trying and is not giving me bad attitude such as shouting, whining, not listening, etc then I have no reason to get upset. If he/she starts feeling upset, starts crying or shows that he/she is not interested, then its time to stop.

So here's Nh doing the same math problem he started with yesterday morning. The great news is he finished it. The first 3 numbers he did yesterday and the rest he answered today. He was cool and decided he had enough so we packed up! I did not get annoyed or raised my voice etc. I wish I was like this when my eldest was struggling with her Math work a few years ago. Instead, I was so worried and upset and I felt it might be the start of a Math disaster! - Whatever that means.  Math was, still is, my Waterloo. When I was a child I felt I could be anything but a Mathematician.

 Both L and Nh are doing Miquon Math. And why did I choose this? Because I like it a lot!!! If I could go back and be 9 again, I would want this for myself!!! I would much prefer if L worked separately from Nh so there will be less distraction for me, but this is wishful thinking. They seem to be in the mood to work side by side these days. I value my time teaching Math to L and Nh. I know that in a few years I won't be of much help to them. My older girls are doing math work that I can no longer help them. Most of the time, but not always, if they need explanations regarding some math problem, I need them too! So they have to search online or wait for their Dad to come home to get Math help. I am not on top of the situation when it comes to Math. I wish I am, but I am not. Thanks to the the answer key that goes with their workbooks I occassionally get to check their work. Most of the time they check it themselves.

As is now doing Saxon Math 6/7 and A is doing Teaching Textbook Algebra 1. She has been doing Algebra since she finished Saxon Math 7/8 about 3 years ago. She also did Key to Algebra, but she is not convinced she got it since she had such a hard time when she started doing Saxon Geometry. So she decided to go back to Algebra 1 again, then go back to Geometry maybe by September.

I tell my older girls, if you want to be good at Math, then you have to do the work with or with out me checking in on you. You do it because you have to, for the joy and discipline of it, you do it for yourself. And am I happy if they do their Math work and do it well? Yes I am. It makes me very happy to see them learn new stuff. To work honestly and ask and search for help, To trudge along with the work at hand and do it well, with out being bitter, whiny and annoyed is something I value deeply.


  1. Hi! If I may ask, for Miquon Math, is it necessary to also buy the lab annotations and the grade 1 diary? Or are the workbooks self-explanatory?

  2. Hi Daise, I find the Miquon Books self-explanatory. I do have the lab annotations but I hardly use it. I was, maybe I still am to a lesser degree, insecure with Math so I tend to buy the whole package.

  3. Thanks for the input! Just heard Miquon works well alongside Singapore Math too. :)


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