Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Flower Power

Inspired by a photo I saw in Facebook a few days ago:

I decide this would be a perfect science activity. So armed with some coins (lets bring in the math while we are at it) I drove to Agdao Public Market after dropping off my 2nd daughter at Agdao Violin Institute. The white roses in the flower stall cost P30.00 per stem or P360 for a dozen but they did not have any today.

Off we go, Nh and L and me to Bankerohan Public Market (Wireless side, not the Magallanes side). On the drive to Bankerohan, we sang our hearts out to the Geography Songs CD. I can't believe that the Manang who sells flowers in Bankerohan remembered me and Nh from more than 2 years ago!!! She was so happy to see us that she gave us a dozen red roses!!!

A bit of history: After I gave birth to my son (who is turning 5 in a few days) I decided to buy fresh flowers for the house every Wednesday and I made my drive to the market my quiet time. No radio, just me and my son in the car seat and sometimes the girls came along and we stay quiet until we get to buy the flowers. I allotted about P150 for this every week for this. Why I stopped I can not recall. I am so touched by Manang's reception, I felt like we are old friend and we chatted a bit. How generous Manang is and I don't even know her name! So Filipino!!!

I found the white roses needed for our project. In Bankerohan, when they ask how many you are buying they tend to assume you are getting in dozens not pieces! But based on the price they gave me in Agdao, and the coins L and I counted, we could only afford 4 pieces. However, a dozen white short stemmed roses cost only P120.00 in Bankerohan!!! Maybe Agdao sells long stem roses, I am not sure! But my golly the price difference!

Work commenced as soon as we entered our house.

The instructions for cutting the stem in 4 was not possible since the stems were too thin. I decided to just cut it in 2. But while the other flowers were beginning to color up the ones that were split in 2 stayed white.

See how the end of the stem is drying up? Maybe this is the reason why the flowers were not coloring up? Or maybe I was just impatient. Or maybe its because its taller than the rest, so the colored water has not reached the petals yet. Anyway lets see how this goes. Its supposed to be left to absorb the colors for hours not minutes. I decided to cut the the stems and put it in one color except for 1. We shall see how it goes.

L and I watched this math video to help her with subtractions before she ran upstairs to make a birthday card for their baby cousin who is turning 1 today. I still have an hour before lunch so here I am blogging while waiting for the time to pick up A from ALS and As from AVI.

I feel so blessed meeting Manang again and I am still waiting for the tall flower that is suppose to have 2 colors to happen! I shall update on how it goes. There goes math, science and real life for this morning.

The colors did  work. See how one side of the same flower have green petals and the other side's blue. Next time I think it will be better if we combine contrasting colors, say blue and yellow or green and orange. Also violet was not pretty it looked really sad. Hope you find the time to try this project out.


  1. Wow Alex! I'm gonna try this. For sure AC will enjoy! Today she just picked some white flowers from our garden and ngayon ko lang nakita itong ganito, will try it out next time. Maybe dapat 2 days i-babad sa colored water? ;)

    1. Hi Saori, I am so happy you dropped by and do try it with AC. Yes you are right. In the Facebook photo it said 36 to 48 hours. I will take a picture of the flowers tomorrow and will update.

  2. Sigh... i am always inspired by your homeschooling projects!

    1. Thank you Jenny! This is a must try :)


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