Saturday, March 16, 2013

Our First Feild Trip for 2013

We started with Core F, Eastern Hemisphere and I am going gaga over it!!! I am seriously enjoying this!

Every night I have been reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon  to all 4 of them. A lot of talking after a few chapters, prompted me to drive to Diversion Road and show them the rock formation along the highway.  It sort of matches the description of Fruitless Mountain in the book.  I will call this our first field trip for the year 2013. I feel a bit silly calling this a first field trip since we seem to be out of the house doing stuff like going to the post office, grocery, participating in the play group that my former students formed: Peas at The POD, church at least once a week. However, this is the first out of the house activity that we did that is related to the curriculum we are working on! Its hard for me to label this activity as Language Arts or Reading or Science since we tend to segue a lot and went as far as talking about soil erosion.
I remember this rock formation to be so much bigger than what it is now or maybe I was just smaller then. I also remember it looked more sharp than how it is now. This is the first time I ever went down from the car and be this close to it. We also found some sheep!!! What a treat for L and Nh! We stayed a total of 10 minutes, A did not want to go down from the car as it was hot and dusty and she so wanted to speed things up.
 A is busy with her own thing that I don't know where she is exactly in her academic work. She is  somewhere in Geometry, Chemisty, ALS review, IELTS review (she only has 2 weeks of review for this. And now, I am a bit freaked out that she has so little time to prepare) and some writing.
So looking forward to next week. I have a whole week of activity planned out!!!

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