Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Alphabet

Finally, from A to Z!!! I have been trying to make Nh write but with very little success, you can read my previous post about this here. I don't want to push, but I am excited and I can't help but compare him to L, who loves workbooks since she was 3.
He did not write all 26 letters today but he finished the last 8 letters today! We worked on this, in 3 different occasions since last week. I sat down with him and gave him colored pencils and showed him how to write by tracing the letter with my finger one stroke at a time.
I stirred our conversation to:
"The sound of this letter is... for (gave him the words)"
"What animal starts with the letter..." and of course he can answer and he asks me his own questions too like "Who's your friend who's name is (says the letter)..." I got the alphabet printout from here.

 To show his work, we taped it along the stairs! Now, As and I are also thinking of putting the timeline, which we still have to make near Nh's work, by the stairs. Maybe, we can do the timeline next week as we are over the top busy at the moment.  I am printing a new set of alphabet worksheet to work on one stroke at a time.

 Not related to Nh's writing but worth mentioning, As and A joined a Latin Class (the Language not the dance) yesterday afternoon and both of them liked it! The class is being organized by The Lighthouse Home School Network, a Davao based home school support group. Finally, I can get the Latin materials out. Yes silly me bought some Latin materials years ago, thinking I will get to figure it out. Of course I did not :)

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