Saturday, March 23, 2013

What's the difference

between Childbirth Preparation Class and Active Birth Workshop?

Childbirth Preparation Class has 5 sessions and is a couple class. You come to class with your birth partner (any person mom is comfortable with whom she thinks can give her support and whom she wants to share the birth experience with).  We meet for 2 hours per session.

Active Birth Workshop, on the other hand, has 7 sessions -5 of which are Childbirth Preparation Class and the other 2 sessions are Prenatal Yoga Class, which is an all women class and is about an hour and 15 minutes. You can check the schedules here.

Why did I come up with Active Birth Workshop?  I have 3 reasons:
1. Some moms choose not to attend Prenatal Yoga and sometimes I meet moms whom I think can benefit from Prenatal Yoga. Active Birth Workshop is to encourage them to come and take some time out.
2. Sometimes, mom-to-be get anxious as the due date approaches. Prenatal Yoga might help them revisit the calm side of their being.
3. Some moms have been attending prenatal yoga and I would like to give them a discount when they come in for Childbirth Preparation Class.

This goes to say that, if you enroll in Childbirth Preparation Class and you decide to come in to 2 sessions of Prenatal yoga, you may do so. Just inform us ahead of time that you will be joining the Prenatal Yoga Class.
If you plan/ are doing Prenatal Yoga, and are considering joining Childbirth Preparation Class keep in mind that you have 2 more sessions of Prenatal Yoga once you register for Childbirth Preparation Class.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Alphabet

Finally, from A to Z!!! I have been trying to make Nh write but with very little success, you can read my previous post about this here. I don't want to push, but I am excited and I can't help but compare him to L, who loves workbooks since she was 3.
He did not write all 26 letters today but he finished the last 8 letters today! We worked on this, in 3 different occasions since last week. I sat down with him and gave him colored pencils and showed him how to write by tracing the letter with my finger one stroke at a time.
I stirred our conversation to:
"The sound of this letter is... for (gave him the words)"
"What animal starts with the letter..." and of course he can answer and he asks me his own questions too like "Who's your friend who's name is (says the letter)..." I got the alphabet printout from here.

 To show his work, we taped it along the stairs! Now, As and I are also thinking of putting the timeline, which we still have to make near Nh's work, by the stairs. Maybe, we can do the timeline next week as we are over the top busy at the moment.  I am printing a new set of alphabet worksheet to work on one stroke at a time.

 Not related to Nh's writing but worth mentioning, As and A joined a Latin Class (the Language not the dance) yesterday afternoon and both of them liked it! The class is being organized by The Lighthouse Home School Network, a Davao based home school support group. Finally, I can get the Latin materials out. Yes silly me bought some Latin materials years ago, thinking I will get to figure it out. Of course I did not :)

Monday, March 18, 2013


When does creativity happen?
How do you encourage creativity in your children or yourself? 
Do we cultivate creativity or do we become creative out of necessity?

I did not imagine that L's all out effort to get and wash the roots of an unwanted weed turned tree that grew near our gate, you can read more here, will be used as a decorative wrap for her cat's birthday gift! L and As came up with this:
 All for the love of Ginger (the cat) who turned 1 a few Sundays ago! Yes, we celebrated the cat's birthday complete with yummy cupcakes from Pink Apron. 
And of course L invited Ginger's "friends", a total of 5 cats and 1 human.
Oh what will life be without out friends who make our quirks totally normal!
The cats were scared stiff and it was almost the end of the party by the time they ate their food. Lucky our human guest (who brought all the cats) was more at home!
So going back to my topic, in this situation I think the gift was creatively wrapped. I am impressed! And I think creativity happened because:
1. There is a need or a lot of excitement. Both L and As wanted something special for Ginger and the were excited to show it to their Tita Katkat, our one and only human guest for the party.
2. They had time to execute their plan.
3. They had the materials they needed (scratch paper, black pen, roots) or to make it more apt, they made use of the only materials they have.
I asked As what made you think of wrapping Ginger's gift the way you did?
As: From Hotel Transilvania when Mavis opened her gift from her mom. 
Okay I don't remember the gift so I think I will watch the movie again sometime within the week. For now, I wish you an inspiring, creative, innovative week ahaed! May we get to make the most/ make the best of what we have...

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Our First Feild Trip for 2013

We started with Core F, Eastern Hemisphere and I am going gaga over it!!! I am seriously enjoying this!

Every night I have been reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon  to all 4 of them. A lot of talking after a few chapters, prompted me to drive to Diversion Road and show them the rock formation along the highway.  It sort of matches the description of Fruitless Mountain in the book.  I will call this our first field trip for the year 2013. I feel a bit silly calling this a first field trip since we seem to be out of the house doing stuff like going to the post office, grocery, participating in the play group that my former students formed: Peas at The POD, church at least once a week. However, this is the first out of the house activity that we did that is related to the curriculum we are working on! Its hard for me to label this activity as Language Arts or Reading or Science since we tend to segue a lot and went as far as talking about soil erosion.
I remember this rock formation to be so much bigger than what it is now or maybe I was just smaller then. I also remember it looked more sharp than how it is now. This is the first time I ever went down from the car and be this close to it. We also found some sheep!!! What a treat for L and Nh! We stayed a total of 10 minutes, A did not want to go down from the car as it was hot and dusty and she so wanted to speed things up.
 A is busy with her own thing that I don't know where she is exactly in her academic work. She is  somewhere in Geometry, Chemisty, ALS review, IELTS review (she only has 2 weeks of review for this. And now, I am a bit freaked out that she has so little time to prepare) and some writing.
So looking forward to next week. I have a whole week of activity planned out!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Book Reads for February

Busy as a bee!!! Plus a lot of unforeseen and unwanted happenings for this month! Still the reading goes on for my young ones...
3. Finished with The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King
4. Children of Hurin
Somewhere between the begining and the end of the book  Chemical Chaos by Nick Arnold

3. Done with, Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist
4. The Magic Finger, Roald Dahl
5. The Complete Adventures of Charlie and Mr Willy Wonka, Roald Dahl
6. Danny the Cahmpion of the World, Roald Dahl
Currently Reading, The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict
L went on a Roald Dahl spree with:
2. Danny the Cahmpion of the World
3. The Magic Finger
4. The Complete Adventures of Charlie and Mr Willy Wonka
5. Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

I was not able to do any Read Aloud for February. But will certainly make up for this! Our box from Sonlight arrived today with the "meat" of our academic work for the year!!! I vow to sit with Nh and work on alphabets and some counting...
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