Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Root Project

All the manual labor to get the root of a weed that grew into a tree, in the little patch between the gate and the wall is what kept L, Nh and As busy this last 4 days. If this were a fruit bearing tree, I would have defended it, but since we could not identify the tree and we know our neighbor will eventually complain, plus our yaya Chu said it bears poisonous fruits that might be bad for our dog, we decided to uproot it. We should have done this much earlier but I was hopping it would be a mango tree and I just wasn't up to doing the task. It was more than 2 meters long by the time my husband decided to act on it! Which made him and the kids talk a lot about The little Prince (my read aloud for the month of January) and Baobabs.
This is most likely last day of digging as they got all the root out now. I wish I took pictures when they started. I think this is a good Science activity. L saw a stone stuck in the roots and pointed it out to me. Anyway, they are all upstairs now, doing math, I think. I will be reading the book Trees, before lunch. I got this book some months ago, you can read about it here.

Something is going on and I was told it has much to do with my work. I think it has much to do with change and Evidence based Maternity Care and Practices. So yes, it has nothing to do with this root project. I think what's going on is not the problem, it the result of a problem. I think the key people involved should start getting into the root of the situation, as other situations such as this will arise. The real issue I think has long been over due but like my little weed turned tree, it was left unattended. I think now is the time, for the big people in the big garden to start digging. I am but a small weed (to those who do not like what I do) or a small flower (to those who value what I do) I can not do the digging in the their garden because it will be in vain, they can do it better and efficiently by themselves. But they are most welcome to step into my garden and see how the sun shines on my side.

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