Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Son's Writing Skills

Here's a list of what Nh CAN NOT DO:
X write or identify the first letter of his name (it does not seem to matter to him)
X write or identify the alphabet from A to Z (if I hold and drag his hand sure he can 'write')
X write or identify numbers 2 to 9

Here's what he CAN DO:
:) write numbers 0, 1 and 10 (if he remembers that 1 must come first) 
:) write a dot. 
:) write a crocked line from one picture to another in a work book 

 I randomly ask him hold the pencil now, and here is his little hand:

So I guess or I think, I should say he will be writing soon. Is he delayed? Should I be worried? If I start comparing him with my daughters then I would be super worried by now.  But he has other strengths and most of all I do not want to rush him.

He can understand, he is helpful and he seems really motivated with his cutting and pasting. He'll be turning 5 by April. And again he has no interest in writing. If I sit down and color with him and talk then he will hold a crayon or pen and do the same. But that's it so far!  Anyway in case he NEVER gets to write, I suppose he can cut out his words and paste them??? Wahahahahahahaha!!!

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